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Applications for 2024 Vendors are CLOSED

Electrical hook-ups are limited; quiet generators are recommended

Important items to remember about your participation at the Yellow Pine Harmonica Festival:

Food Vendor Booth Fees 10x10 $150: 10x20 $300 March 1 - May 15 only

Yellow Pine Harmonica Festival Vendor Rules and Regulation

  1. Application: All vendors must complete the application; acknowledge understanding of the Rules and submit a list of food or merchandise that will be sold at the Yellow Pine Harmonica Festival (the Festival). Splitting booths is not allowed. An application must be received from each vendor using the booth space.
  2. Booth Fee: Fees must be submitted with the completed online application. Fee is non-refundable once Vendor is accepted.
  3. Application Window: Food Vendor, online applications can be submitted between March 1st and May 31th.  Merchandise Vendor, online applications can be submitted between March 1st and June 30th. Fees are based on the timeframe submitted.  
  4. Application Acceptance: Applications will be selected by reputation and type of merchandise/food. We strive to limit competition of merchandise. The Festival  reserves the right to refuse any application. Application does not guarantee acceptance. If the application is not accepted, the vendor fee will be refunded. 
  5. Booth Location: The Vendor Manager has sole discretion on vendor placement. Manager will try to accommodate your needs for placement, when possible. 
  6. Strolling Vendors: Strolling vendors are not allowed during the festival. All vending must take place in the booth.
  7. Merchandise: A list and photos of all merchandise that will be sold must be submitted with application. The Festival reserves the right to monitor all products for appropriateness to the venue and family audience.  Items that are illegal, or of an obscene or sexual nature may not be sold. 
  8. Food Establishment Permits: Food vendors are responsible for any and all state or local fees and requirements for food establishment permits. 
  9. Sales Tax: Vendors are responsible for collection and payment of Idaho State sales tax. Vendor Manager will provide the
  10. Form ST-124 to be filled out and submitted to the Idaho Tax Commission. Your Idaho Seller number or temporary permit must be displayed at all times in your booth.
  11. Hours of Operation: Hours of operation start at 3 p.m. on Thursday. Vendors must be operating no later than 10 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. Vendors may choose to stay open until midnight on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Hours of operation on Sunday are voluntary. Vendors operating without power may close at dusk.
  12. Electrical Fees: Electricity hook-ups  are limited and will be distributed at the discretion of the Vendor Manager. Vendors who need electricity will be required to pay an additional fee and provide their own cord covers. All cords are to be covered with mats as per State Electrical regulations.  Vendors are responsible to provide standard 110 and 220 connectors. No electrician is available to do special wiring.  Quiet generators are allowed. Using a generator, rather than electricity, reduces your vendor fee.
  13. Setup: Load-in begins at noon on Wednesday. Load-in prior to Wednesday requires Vendor Manager approval. Load-in must be completed by 1pm on Thursday. Vendor vehicles must be outside the road barriers by 2pm on Thursday. 
  14. Breakdown: Load-out begins on Sunday morning. All booths must be removed by 4pm Sunday. Each vendor is responsible for making sure that the vending area is clear of debris after breakdown. 
  15. Clean up: Vendors are responsible for keeping their immediate vending area clean and presentable. Trash cans will be provided in the center of the street and kept emptied. Cardboard boxes cannot be put in trash containers. Flattened boxes can be placed against the recycling corral. 
  16. Camping: Free, dry camping is available in the golf course area and nearby campgrounds.  
  17. Restrictions: The Festival reserves the right to close any booth that does not adhere to the festival rules and regulations, without refund of booth fees. Neither you, nor your employees, may consume any alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs while working at the Festival. Vendors agree to be responsible for all employees, Workman’s Compensation, and related laws for all employees. Applicants must provide accurate technical and electrical information on their application. Any changes must be approved by the Festival prior to operation at the festival. Vendors are required to be open all hours of the event as listed in the Hours of Operation. 
  18. Security: Applicant is responsible for the security of their booth at all times. 
  19. Please contact the Vendor Manager if you have any concerns, problems, questions, etc. We want you to have a successful weekend. We try to design a set-up to make things as prosperous and equitable as we can for everyone. Please respect that we have limitations but know that your success is important to us, and we do all we can.

The applicant agrees to comply with all Festival, state, and local regulations, and to save and hold harmless the Festival Board, the Village of Yellow Pine, their officers, and sponsors from any loss or damage to any persons or property caused by applicant’s operation in connection with the Festival, and further agrees to defend said Board, Village and associates, for any claims for such damage. While at the Festival, the applicant is responsible for all damage to own persons, property, or vehicles. If there is damage to the area caused by the applicant, the applicant will be responsible to repair damage.


Yellow Pine Harmonica Festival

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